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March Student of the Month 

Giovanni Esparza Ms. Saucedo's class
John Southall Mr. Bonnan's class
Kourtney McGahan Ms. Fletcher's class
Isabella Arciga Ms. Alatorre's class
Daniel Luna Ms. Esparza's class
Betsabe Frias Ms. McClure's class
Lisandro De Luna Ms. Campos' class
James Acevedo Mr. Scott's class
Denzel Rodriguez Ms. Klimah's class
Isaac Barranco Ms. Ptaszek's class
Ariana Stinson Ms. Johnson's class

February Student of the Month

Matthew Mercado Ms. Saucedo's class
James McGahan Mr. Bonnan's class
Alejandro Covarrubias Ms. Fletcher's class
Julisa Plumey Ms. Alatorre's class
Arisbeth Castaneda Ms. Esparza's class
Azul Vega Ms. McClure's class
Derek Hernandez Ms. Campos' class
Maylee Perales Mr. Scott's class
Jordyn Cherry Ms. Klimah's class
Daria Diaz Ms. Ptaszek's class
Carlos Butler Ms. Johnson's class

January Student of the Month 

Santiago Estrada Ms. Saucedo's class
Braylon Mason Mr. Bonnan's class
Nicholas Ross Ms. Fletcher's class
Jurnee Sallis Ms. Alatorre's class
Julissa Gil Ms. Esparza's class
Adolfo Nunoz Ms. McClure's class
Alani Lopez Ms. Campos' class
Aaron Hernandez Mr. Scott's class
Aidyn Smolinski Ms. Klimah's class
Antonio Delgado Ms. Ptaszek's class
Martin Valadez Ms. Johnson's class


December Student of the Month 

Brian Contreras Ms. Saucedo’s Class
Kya Jordan Mr. Bonnan’s Class
Kourtney McGahan Ms. Fletcher’ Class
Maria Avila Ms. Alatorre’s Class
Jorge Castillo Ms. Esparza’s Class
Odalys de Luna Ms. McClure’s Class
Yareny De La Paz Ms. Campos’ Class 
David Barrera Mr. Scott’s Class
Layla Lopez Ms. Klimah’s Class
Nathalie Rodriquez Ms. Ptaszek’s Class
Crystal Ramos Ms. Johnson’s Class


November Student of the Month 

Leslie De La Rosa Ms. Saucedo’s Class
Samuel Wilmer Mr. Bonnan’s Class
William Frausto Ms. Fletcher’s Class
Nicole Cruz Ms. Alatorre’s Class
Samantha Martinez Ms. Esparza’s Class
Jose Arteaga Ms. McClure’s Class
Alisson Martinez Ms. Campos’ Class
Phoebe Heyboer Mr. Scott’s Class
Joel Barcena Ms. Klimah’s Class
Leonardo Ibarra Ms. Ptaszek’s Class
Jayla Wallace Ms. Johnson’s Class


October Student of the Month

Santiago Topete Ms. Saucedo’s Class 
Robert Hernandez Mr. Bonnan’s Class
Evan Ramirez Ms. Fletcher’s Class
Ximena Navarro Ms. Alatorre’s Class
Adam Ford Ms. Esparza’s Class
Ari Angeles Ms. McClure’s Class
Ariana Ramirez Ms. Campos’s Class
Santiago Davila Mr. Scott’s Class
Giselle Esparza Ms. Klimah’s Class
Nicholas Martinez Ms. Ptaszek’s Class
Aiden Flores Ms. Johnson’s Class


September Student of the Month 

Katrina Horne Mr. Bonnan’s Class
Andrea Vallejo Ms. Alatorre’s Class
Edward Fron Ms. Klimah’s Class
Kalani Price Ms. Fletcher’s Class
Citlali Ramirez Ms. Esparza’s Class
Haley Guzman Ms. Ptaszek’s Class
Abril Hernandez Ms. McClure’s Class
Valeria Alatorre Ms. Campos’ Class
Jeanette Ruiz Ms. Johnson’s Class
Brian Contreres Ms. Saucedo’s Class
Alondra Navarro Mr. Scott’s Class

Informational/Non Fiction Raffle

Our raffles have been such a huge success with the students, we are on to our next one. 

Students that read a Informational/Non Fiction Book are eligible for the weekly raffle. WInners names will be posted here!


Mystery/Suspense Raffle 

Our Mystery/Suspense raffle was another huge success! Winners names are posted right here!

Our first winners are 5th Grader Haylee Wright and 4th Grader Amar Taylor – Jones

Haylee Wright

Amar Jones

2nd weeks winner, 4th grader Carlos Ramirez

carlos ramirez

Our complete Mystery/Suspense Raffle Winner’s List

4th Grade 5th Grade
Amar  Taylor Jones  Haylee Wright 
Eurico Gill Hailey Guzman
Matthew Mercado Bree English
Leslie Narvaez Jordyn Cherry
Samantha Martinez Nancy Herrera
Perla Martinez Ariana Ramirez
Zahayri Negrete  
DeMiyah Diggins
Nathan Martinez

Biography Raffle

Our Biography raffle has come to an end.  Here are our winners! To be eligible for the raffle, students had to read a Biography.  Congratulations to all who entered. 

Jorge Castillo 4th  Grade

Jorge Castillo

 Leonardo Perez 4th  Grade 

Leonardo Perez

Biography Full Winner’s List 

4th Grade 5th Grade 
Jorge  Castillo David  Barrera
Leonardo Perez Alyssa Rangel
Nicolas Ross Ari Angeles
Samuel Wilmer Nicholas Martinez
Jacqueline Atilano Azul Vega Matias
Darnell Sapp Jeremiah Correa
Adam Siller Yamna Orellano
Joel Chavez Oscar Fernandez
    Giselle Esparza
    Lemmuel Jessup 


Chapter Book Raffle

In order to help our students become life long readers, Paul Revere Intermediate held a CHAPTER BOOK RAFFLE!!! The raffle lasted until Thanksgiving break.  To be eligible for the raffle, students read  Chapter Books.

Here are some of our first winners:

4th Graders - John Southall III

4th Grader – John Southall III

5th Graders James and Phoebe

5th Graders – James Acevedo and Phoebe Heyboer

Allyson Medina

5th Grader – Allyson Medina

Chapter Book Raffle Winner’s List

4th Grade Winners 5th Grade Winners
Isabella Arciga Allyson Medina
Raphael Holloway Xyah Amick
Aaden Ramirez David Rodriquez
John  Southall Adolfo Munoz
Samantha Aguilar Valeria Alatorre
Samuel Wimer Yamna Orellano
Marlen Valadez Sylvia Cabrera
Brian  Contreras Alondra Navarro
Julissa Gil Aidyn Smolinski
Kalami Price James Acevado
Alexia Negrete Phoebe Heyboer
Citlali Ramirez Edward Fron





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