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Panther Paw
Building: School Year Prinicpal: Constance Grimm-Grason
Paul Reveve Intermediate 2020-21 Secretary: Itzel Brown
Room Number Staff Member Name Position Title Grade Level Subject Department (TBE, SpEd, etc.)
101 Jessica Zapata ESL Teacher 4 ELA, Math Dual Language English
102 Karina Alatorre Bilingual Teacher 4 SLA, Science, SS Dual Language Spanish
103 Alexis Reddy Teacher 4 All Subjects  
104 Barbara Fletcher Teacher 4 All Subjects  
105 Dan Doyle Art Teacher 4 and 5 Art  
106 Juanita Esparza Bilingual Teacher 4 All Subjects TBE
107 Thomas Santoyo Music Teacher 4 and 5 Music  
202 Kathy McClure Bilingual Teacher 5 All Subjects TBE
203 Lorena Campos Bilingual Teacher 5 ELA, Math, SS Dual Language Spanish
204 Amanda Rodriguez Bilingual Teacher 5 SLA, Science Dual Language English
205 Wendy Klimah Teacher 5 All Subjects  
206 Demetrease Calhoun Teacher 5 All Subjects  
207 Karen Johnson Teacher 5 All Subjects  
LL2 Jacqueline Tostado Instructional Coach      
Library/Media Danielle Cabrera Library Media Specialist 4 and 5 Library and Media  
Gym Kelli Ferguson-Shimko Teacher 4 and 5 Physical Ed  
Gym Brandon House Teacher 4 and 5 Physical Ed  
LL2 LaSharanda Moore LDR Teacher 4 All Subjects Special Ed
LL2 Samantha Dafgard LDR Teacher 5 All Subjects Special Ed
204A Kristen Schaefer Social Worker 4 and 5   Special Ed
202/106 Maria Martinez Bilingual Paraprofessional 5 All Subjects Bilingual
101/102 Ann Martinez Bilingual Paraprofessional 4 All Subjects Bilingual
  Jose Alvarado Parent/Student Communication Support 4 and 5    
  Brandon Kruel Health Support 4 and 5    
  Jaime Salazar Substitute Paraprofessional 4 and 5 All Subjects  
Library/Media Gwenae Houston-Ladd Parent/Student Technology Support 4 and 5 Library and Media  
Building June Pagliuco Custodian I Day      
Building Maria Martinez Custodian II Evening      
Lunchroom Edelmira Flores Lunch Aide      
Lunchroom Vacant Lunch Aide      
Lunchroom Vacant Lunch Aide      
Lunchroom Vacant Lunch Aide      
Lunchroom Vacant Lunch Aide      
Varies Janice Harrison Daily Substitute 4 and 5 All Subjects Human Resources
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